Business Development Services, Connecting people who want to start businesses or who are in businesses with available resources to plan and expand. Mentorship and Business Incubation Assistance service will be provided to promote entrepreneurship and enhance business management skills.The African community has a part to play in the growth of the economy and the strength American workforce yet, today Africans face major barriers to employment in good jobs. ACRC economic and workforce advocacy seeks to ensure the African community’s ability to contribute to and share in the nation’s economic opportunities by promoting policies that boost African employment in good jobs.

Health and Nutrition Education

A community based nutrition education program that will assist individuals and families, make informed choices about food and lifestyles that support their physiological health, and physical well-being. Being equipped is the only means through which we can be confidence in dealing with our health challenges. Most symptoms are hardly noticeable. Health challenges ranging from diabetes, heart conditions and breathing problems. ACRC health and nutrition will be the nerve center to promote health education in the community. While Africans are affected by a wide range of risk factors and diseases, nearly every health disparity they experience could be prevented or more effectively managed given timely access to health care. Unfortunately, a number of barriers including a widespread lack of health insurance and an inadequate supply of language services currently operate at multiple levels within the health care system to prevent Africans from gaining access to quality care. ACRC seeks to eliminate the incidence, burden, and impact of health and environmental problems in Africans Community, and seeks tangible improvements in Africans access to health coverage, and high-quality, culturally competent health care.

Social (Integration Techniques)

Facilitate healthcare services food stamp programs; housing programs, Child Protection Services, Housing Support Services and Budget Management, and Immigrant Support Services. Consistent with its effort to improve opportunities and open doors for the African community, ACRC believes that advocacy, civic engagement, and community based support are essential parts of any community-empowerment strategy.


Educational counseling

Provide information and support regarding learning and study skills. This includes student success instruction on a variety of topics including skills, stress and time management, communication skills and job search.

Personal counseling

Provide service aimed at helping young people make right choice and build capacity to solve problems Common challenges confronting the youth ranges from personal education to family instability.

Financial counseling

Provide information and referral for sources of financial assistance..

Career counseling

Help students nearing graduation make the right choices by offering help with labor market research, resume writing, interview skills and career strategies

Education (Youth Empowerment)

ACRC Education component is dedicated to increasing educational opportunities, improving achievement, supporting college-readiness, and promoting equity in outcomes for The African community. In keeping with this mission, the efforts of the Education team build the capacity and strengthen the quality of the community-based education sector ACRC focuses on areas of acute disparity in African educational achievement through a capacity-building, training, and technical assistance model that strengthens the ability of community-based organizations to address barriers to a world-class education. Our year round programming will provide educational enrichment, technical awareness and training aimed at enhancing the skills of our community youth.

Computer Education Class

Computer courses for adults, seniors, teenagers, and children, which include comprehensive training from basic to advanced computer skills.