ACRC President

Dennis L. Bioh is a Social Entrepreneur, Social Engineer, and a key figure among the next generation of Leaders and philanthropist, that want to bring opportunities to Africans with the intention to go global to provide various services to improving social mobility and thereby reducing poverty and creating a middle class in Africa. Dennis noticed the lack of awareness that his fellow countrymen have when it came to obtaining resources that exist. As President and CEO of the African Community Resource Center (ACRC), his vision is to administer the programs and the state of the art facilities of the African Community Resource Center, by developing Africa largest Museums, Education, Research and Resource centers shaping the future by preserving the African culture and heritage, discovering new knowledge, and sharing our resources with the world, Planning activities to provide information to in order to facilitate the integration to reduce poverty and become more self-sufficient. Dennis did not let being too young stop him from running a successful campaign for the ACRC’s “Last Tear” project; he calls on young people everywhere not to let age stop them from changing the world. Dennis speaks about the potential change that the now generations and the younger generation are capable of. He believes that young people can achieve anything if they stay motivated and committed to the cause. He challenges young people to step up into leadership roles, dream big, and for the older generation to support them in every way they can. Today Dennis travels the world speaking to youth on the importance of leadership, Entrepreneurship, Character building and investing in the next generation. He is the founder and CEO of the Macedon Management Group.

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